It Just Works?

I have seen the commercials. Steve says everything just works, right? After today, I don’t really agree with that. This morning I needed to print something and it was a major headache getting this nice inexpensive black and white laser printer I bought a few years ago – a Samsung ML-1740 – to work with my barely broken-in iMac i7 running snow leopard (the world’s most advanced operating system, according to Apple). The built in printer driver said “no drivers for your printer” so I tried Samsung. No drivers there for OS X. So I googled and some people mentioned the Australian Samsung site had some downloads that may work, but they didn’t. So after downloading many older non-snow leopard ‘official’ drivers and uninstalling and reinstalling and resetting the print system, etc … I stumbled upon SpliX .. a set of CUPS Printer drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers. If you have a such printer, you need to download and use SpliX. It’s nice to see people writing software that the computer companies are too lazy to update. If you have one of these printers, get SpliX! This guy just saved me from buying a new printer 🙂

  • Dell 1100, 1110
  • Samsung CLP-200, CLP-300, CLP-500, CLP-600, CLP-610, CLX-216X, CLX-2170, CLX-3160, ML-1510, ML-1520, ML-1610, ML-1630, ML-1710, ML-1740, ML-1750, ML-2010, ML-2150, ML-2250, ML-2510, ML-2550, ML-2571, ML-3050, ML-3560
  • Xerox Phaser 3115, 3116, 3117, 3120, 3121, 3122, 3130, 3150, 3420, 3425, 5500, 6100, 6110

of course, your mileage may vary.