The key to life ..

The new iMac was really three things in a box. The computer, the mouse and the keyboard. That’s all you get. First you notice this new keyboard is SMALL. no numeric keypad, no extra navigation and page up/downn etc keys. Really stripped to the bare necessities. You also realize it has no wires, and with that you get no USB ports on the keyboard – minor drawback, but not a deal breaker for me – if you want more ports and the ability to not fish around to the back of your iMac to plug stuff in just get a usb hub (oh, another thing to post about in the future..). This keyboard runs on batteries, not a big deal if you pick up that spiffy new apple battery charger (like i did). So far, I like it a lot. Batteries seem to last pretty long. Sometimes I do find myself looking for navigation buttons or the keypad, but it’s nice to have this little thing not taking up my whole desktop. I think it’s worth the 70 bucks or so .. check it out! Apple Wireless Keyboard (Retail Packaging)