Mousing around, part two

Much ado about mousepads ..OK, this is frustrating. That pesky miraculous mouse makes too much noise on my wooden desktop and I am trying to find a mouse pad that i like that will work well and fit in with the shiny new iMac. I thought I had found one at Target for $7 but it didn’t allow the mouse to slide easily so back it went. There are a lot of options out there for $20-$70 that are targeted more for gamers but I am not a gamer, so do I need a gamer mousepad?? not really, but I ended up picking up this nice thin soft fabric one from Razer and so far have no regrets.. $20 for a piece of fabric seemed a little harsh at first but after wasting hours of my time searching I just gave in and ordered it from Amazon…  overall not too mac-looking, but it works great and the apple mouse slides and tracks well on it. If it was a tiny bit larger it would allow me to move the mouse around all of the screen without lifting and repositioning the mouse – not a real big deal though.  Razer Kabuto Mobile Mouse Mat (Black)