Getting the news, on the Mac.

I started writing this post a few months back, while searching for an nntp client app .. this is the first of a few parts about nntp clients and servers, so here it goes:

Back in the day when I was a PC user, I used to read and download a lot of information from newsgroups. For some reason, Newsgroups and Usenet do not seem quite as popular amongst mac people. On the PC I used a newsreader app that I liked called Newsbin Pro on a great news server called Giganews and wanted to try to find something that worked in a similar fashion for OS X.  Easier said than done, I guess. I tried about 10 and none were really very good and then I stumbled on Mimo.

Currently Giganews offers a new usenet browser developed by Golden Frog software that is currently in beta called Mimo for it’s diamond level subscribers, it also has a nice newsgroup search function built in.

Features blurbage from giganews website :

Mimo includes:

  • Optimized for faster downloads, searches and browsing
  • Optimized search for long retention news servers
  • Integrated image thumbnail viewing
  • Filtering on text, binaries and images
  • Auto unRAR and PAR technology
  • Integrated Giganews Accelerator technology
  • Integrated Golden Frog Usenet Search

Golden Frog Usenet Search includes:

  • Servers optimized for speed
  • Binary searches across all groups
  • Subject-based binary searches
  • Dynamic indexing of Giganews’ complete retention

So, if you like Newzbin Pro, you may like MIMO .. I took the public beta for a test drive and it was good (with a few unpredictable crashes unfortunately) .. hopefully when its fully released some of the issues are resolved.