I’ve got the power


When you think Apple you didn’t really ever think of rechargeable batteries, but now you should – maybe? Last year when I bought my iMac it came with a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard so I picked up this nifty little recharger from apple at the same time. The charger is a pretty good deal (but not the cheapest one you will find) and comes with 6 batteries – thats enough to have a set in the mouse, keyboard, and one recharging to have ready to go when the others start to fade. So far it has been OK .. i do have some reservations overall, it seems when i charge the battery to FULL on the charger and put it in the mouse or keyboard the highest the iMac ever tells me the battery strength is 67% .. if i use non rechargeable ones, i get 100% .. i checked the recharged batteries on a volt meter and they never really seem to be fully charged even though the fancy recharger says they are .. well, i guess at least they look good.