What DAA format?

OK making the move from PC to MAC isn’t really a big deal. But one will keep finding files from their old computer that they want to open on their new computer and realize the two don’t play well together all the time. The problem is a lot of programs use proprietary formats and a lot of times programs aren’t on both platforms, so sometimes you are stuck with a file you can’t open because a software company only develops for one platform – surprisingly a lot of developers don’t work on multiple platforms even in the day and age! I had some old files on the PC proprietary .DAA format (a PowerISO file type) that I wanted to open in OSX and after lots of clicking around trying to mount it, there was no clear and present solution, so off to google I went .. WIN!

Twilight Edge wrote this nifty free app that will take your PC .DAA files and convert it to a .ISO that you can mount on your macintosh desktop!

“DAA Converter is a free utility for converting DAA & GBI disk images to ISO format so they can be accessed on your Mac. DAA Converter is a native GUI application which wraps the command-line tool, DAA2ISO/GBI2ISO, by Luigi Auriemma. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther or later. ”