Hook up your old school printer to the AirPrint future.

OK .. so I bought an iPad, and it is neat. I wondered how I could maybe print from it. Click on that little arrow button on the top and one of the options is Print! but wait, that old laser printer i have doesn’t show up in the list – it tells me I need an AirPrint device. So I google AirPrint and it only supports nifty new printers. I just dropped way too much dough on this iMac and iPad and want to keep my old clunker printer until it runs out of toner at least .. so I google some more and find a way to  use any printer my iMac is sharing as an AirPrint printer .. sweeeet .. download AirPrint Activator, click click, iPad click, and voila .. it works. It’s great that apple wants me to buy a new printer, but i’d rather just do it this way for now, thanks.  AirPrint Activator from Netputing. (works for me on OS X 10.7.3 on my 2010 iMac printing from a ‘new iPad’ from Safari)