iMac streaming video to PS3 via DLNA

I have had a PS3 for a while and used it primarily for gaming – and then I found out there is a Netflix streaming app for it. That was pretty cool since I had a Netflix account and was getting discs, streaming to the PS3 let me stop getting discs and just stream movies and save a few bucks! (there is also a streaming app for the wii and xbox). I realized i had a lot of home movies and non-drm tv shows and videos i had purchased and downloaded that i wanted to watch on the big screen TV and i searched for solutions to getting this content to the big screen via PS3 – turning the iMac into a DLNA (Digital Living Network Appliance) DMS (Digital Media Server).

After searching and reading forum posts about doing this, a few solutions for the OSX iMac came up: Twonky ($20), PS3MediaServer (Free), Serviio (Free),  Playback ($15), MediaLink ($20), Rivet (Free, Discontinued),  TvMobili ($1.50/month), iSedora ($25-1 tv) – most of the pay ones have demos you can download and try,

I downloaded and setup a few and some were much more complicated to setup or didn’t work for me – i just needed it to work on my ps3. I ended up deciding MediaLink worked best for me at that time and had the least complex setup and bought it for $20. Setting up the application was simple, it installs as a preferences panel when you buy it from NullRiver. (a new version that installs as an app is available in the Apple App Store).

Footnotes: Check out this Comparison of UPnP AV MediaServers on wikipedia. DLNA server ability is built into Windows: SONY tells you how to hook it up here.