Nitro Firewire & USB goodness

I have a bunch of firewire drives and sometimes copying from one to another seems to really lag out. I wonder if a professional quality hub like this spiffy new combohub from NitroAV would speed up the process. This new one adds 4 USB ports on top of the old setups 4 firewire ports. Sure looks heavy duty but for $185 bucks it should do more than solve a slew of problems! Haven’t seen too many reviews for this but I am considering it! The sales pitch text makes it sounds super ..

“The all new NitroAV Professional Grade 4-port 1394b FireWire 800 hub/repeater plus 4-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub allows you to easily attach (4) FireWire devices and (4) USB 3.0 SuperSpeed devices, simultaneously, when attached to a FireWire port and USB port. Use the NitroAV FireWire 800 and 5Gb/s USB 3 hub, for blazing fast transfer rates, and elimination of daisy chaining, plugging and unplugging, and underpowering devices. Simply attach a FireWire cable to expand to four FireWire 400 or 800 devices, and a USB cable to expand to four USB 2.0 or 3.0 devices. The NitroAV hub operates in either bus power or self power mode, with the included power adapter.”