Backing up your iPhoto

OK this is sort of a continuation of that pesky hard drive failure recall .. if you don’t use time machine or a time capsule or if you don’t trust them (i know a lot of people have lost data even with Apples capsule) you can easily backup the iPhoto library. I found this on I was surprised Apple doesn’t  just have a ‘backup photo library’ option on the menu in iPhoto.

Digital photos are some of the most important and meaningful things you keep on your computer, and as with any important files, you should maintain current backups of them. If you’ve imported some or all of your photos into iPhoto ’11, you should also back up your iPhoto Library on a regular basis.

If you use Apple’s Time Machine, then your iPhoto Library is automatically backed up as part of every Time Machine backup. If you don’t use Time Machine, or if you want to maintain an additional backup of your iPhoto Library, you can perform a manual backup. Here’s how.

Back Up Your iPhoto Library

You’ll find the iPhoto Library at:


  1. To get there, double-click the icon for your hard drive to open it, then double-click the Users folder. Double-click your Home folder, which is identified by a house icon and your username, and then double-click the Pictures folder to open it.
  2. Inside the Pictures folder you’ll see a file called iPhoto Library. Copy the iPhoto Library file to a location other than your hard drive, such as an external hard drive.

Repeat this process whenever you import new photos into iPhoto ’11, so you’ll always have a current backup of your iPhoto Library.

Note: If you’ve created multiple iPhoto libraries, be sure to back up each iPhoto library file.