Add iMac ram and wait less!

Yah, i know .. your iMac came with what you thought was enough RAM (that is the memory in the computer, RAM is short for Random Access Memory) and maybe it was enough until you loaded your applications on there, you know the facebook and the twitter and the sickbeard and cs. Well, adding more ram makes you computer switch tasks, run more apps all at the same time. It is just a GOOD IDEA and it is cheap for what you get, and it is pretty damn easy to install if you have basic hand tools (a screwdriver) and the ability to pick up your imac and lay it down so you can access the RAM PORT.


Check out this memory i found online for a decent price from a decent company .. I have 16 GB now but I have seen some mentions that 2010 iMac supports 32GB of ram .. hmmmm maybe i need more! you can max out your iMac for about a hundred bucks now .. when i got the iMac ram was $500!

iMac Ram Upgrade