Hang On! Add a shelf to your iMac!!

Maybe you saw me talk about the Twelve South shelf a while back, maybe not. Well, that shelf is close to $40 and that may seem like super spendy crazy money, even for an iMac owner .. so another solution has materialized by way of the Hang On iMac shelf and this time its under $20. It isn’t as fancy looking, and maybe less iMac looking, but $20 in your pocket is worth something. The TwelveSouth solution uses brackets that attach along the sides of your iMacs stand, this new shelf uses the hole that Apple has graciously provided, a solution that I like better (especially since for some reason the brackets on my Twelve South shelf gave out one day and my big WD firewire drive fell about a foot onto the desktop, so now that shelf only holds less fragile, less important things). If you have stuff to hold behind your iMac, this shelf is a good cost effective solution – if you want to spend more $ on a silver shelf nobody will ever see, maybe go with Twelve South.

  • Dimensions: 7 inch x 4 inch
  • Material: Aluminum-Black
  • Heat dissipation: Perforated perch to keep High RPM devices naturally Cool.
  • Cable manager: Beautifully designed half moon opening in shelf keeps cables out of way and accessible when needed.
  • Compatibility: iMac and Apple Cinema displays with L shape stand

iMac Hang-ON shelf!