More screen protection enjoyment, for your safety.


If you hate it when people touch your screen and get it all fingerprinty, or if you have that horrible glare that apple displays are known for – the mirror-like monitor syndrome, well Kuzy came up with this solution … the Kuzy Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector Filter. Oh my, so many words for such a simple thing! What does it do? Simple, really .. For about forty bones, It is a High Quality Screen Protector for Apple iMac 27-inch Model: A1312 and A1419 and Newest Release in 2012, it will protect your iMac LCD screen against dust and scratches. Designed for perfect fit with the LCD screen, it will add Anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint, Matte Finishing, Anti-Scratch Film. I wasn’t sure if my iMac was covered by this, so I did a quick check at EveryMac and mine is indeed an A1312 device. Win Win .. Time for some anti-glare goodness on this iMac.