DIY SSD for 2010 iMac?

When I bought my iMac in 2010 there was an SSD option but it was pricey and wasn’t a very fast SSD at the time – so I skipped it. Now, there are faster SSD drives around and OWC makes a $40 kit for the do-it-youselfers to make install a bit easier. It is basically a tool kit and the wires you need to put an SSD into your iMac, they make kits with the specific wires needed for different years – Apple has changed things a little along the way (my 2010 is only a 3G drive, the newer ones are faster 6G drive.. yay apple.) As the internal drive fills up and gets slower I am thinking this may be in my future, now I just need to pick an SSD to go with the kit.

The kit I am looking at includes:

  • Newer Technology 11-Piece Toolkit
  • NewerTech Microfiber Pro Cleaning Cloth
  • iMac to SSD SATA 6Gb/s data & power cable
  • 2 suction cups for the outer glass removal
  • Thermal safe adhesive mounting set

imac ssd kit