iMac HiRise .. get your mac up in the air

515dTx5M5mL._SL1500_Another super nifty thing has come along from the always innovative and often duplicated Twelve South .. the HiRise for iMac!! What is it? for about eighty bucks you get an adjustable stand for iMac and Apple Displays. Why would you need it? Maybe your desk is too low and you are tired of looking down at your iMac or monitor, this will lift it up just like putting a phonebook underneath it would, but it is made of fancy brushed aluminum and matches your iMac lifestyle and also gives you some sweet storage space to boot! You can keep your keys in it or a small portable hard drive or two – maybe even your time machine or a portal to another land.

HiRise is a pretty nice desk accessory for your fancy iMac!


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