What’s your sound source?

I came across this os x application that I found pretty useful if you have two audio setups on your iMac, like I do. What do I mean by that? well the iMac has built in speakers that I use most of the time when i want background music, but when I really want to listen to music I use some grado headphones connected to a travagans USB DAC and headphone amplifier, something hi-fi nerdy that I will post about at a later date. I got tired of having to go into the os x system prefs and choose a sound device every time I wanted to listen to headphones, and then have to go back to turn the speakers back on (wow that makes me sound horribly lazy). SoundSource from rogue amoeba is great for my setup – it just adds a little menu item up top and give me instant access to sound settings, and it’s free!

Here’s what Rogue Amoeba says:

SoundSource is a simple application for Mac OS X, enabling you to switch your audio input and output sources with a single click. It resides in your menu bar as a cute little pair of headphones, providing instant access to Input, Output and System device and volume settings, as well as a quick way to get to the full Sound Preference Pane.

With SoundSource, you can quickly change from one input or output device to another – it’s great for DJs and other music professionals. Home users may also like the ability to route system sounds such as error beeps to secondary hardware.