Cool things to do with your iMac and iPad!

iMac Hoverbar!

I have this now oldish 27″ iMac and my one year old iPad that is no longer called ¬†“the new iPad” and it has been discontinued, replaced by “the new iPad” .. so how can i make them play well together? I stumbled upon this solution (albeit on the spendy side of town) called the HoverBar from 12South¬†that lets you mount the iPad nicely alongside the iMac to use as a second monitor (remember that post about AirDisplay a bit back, that would do well here..) Yah, I am thinking about the getting this to make my desk more spiffy but it’s hard to pull the trigger on $80 after i was so bummed that my 12south BackPack failed and my hard drive fell to my desk.. Any other similar solutions? I am on the hunt ..