Bigger Keyboard=Me Happier?

the iMac came with that nifty bluetooth little keyboard and it was cool.. and then the batteries died and you replace them, and again and again. Ok, no big deal – i have that nice apple battery charger. Still, its time out of your day. Do you really want to change batteries every week? Between all these devices, do they all really need to be sending radio signals?

I think all this bluetooth is overkill, so I picked up the classy wide wired keyboard – now I have a numeric keyboard, pgup, pgdn, home, all that fun stuff that makes editing text easier! oh yah and it adds those two USB ports that are way more easy to access now too!

I think the “full size” keyboard is a good upgrade for iMac users that actually use their keyboards! (it is still much smaller than the average PC keyboard) now I just worry about this shiny metal and white keyboard and my dirty hands touching it .. ha!