One Password To Rule Them All?

Getting old, Forgetting things.  It’s a horrible thing. Getting hacked is also horrible, especially when you get hacked because you use the same password on every website. (do people do that?) Not everyone wants to carry a notebook full of passwords to think they are secure; what happens if you lose it?

Lifehacker had a big post about passwords and online security a while back after that whole Gawker debacle and the PSN security failings and it made a lot of sense : The Only Secure Password is the One You Can’t Remember,  a later post of software recommendations from Mark Frauenfelder reminded me of 1 Password, and I decided to check it out .. It’s been a few weeks and it works like it should so far. Helps me generate strong passwords, helps me remember them – and it has places to store other important information that i need to keep secure (financial information, software serial numbers, receipts, etc).