Now that’s a mousepad.

I got tired of the Razer Kabuto┬ámousepad that has been on my desk for a year or so. I guess it started to feel old and worn. The fabric mousepad seemed to attract dirt and was starting to not lay flat on my desk anymore which was disappointing for the most expensive mouse pad i have ever bought. Time for something new, so I picked up a nifty Allsop accutrack slimline mousepad XL. And oh yah, it is as promised – extra large. I was drawn in by the description; Low Profile, Precision Mousing Surface, Non-Skid backing, works with all mice. This measure in at 0.3″ thick and 11.5″ x 12.5″ = pretty big.. So far so good with the wireless magic mouse – but the non skid back is skidding a little, so i may need to find some super thin double sided mousepad tape.

You can tell how swanky it is by this picture of a gray box with rounded corners on a white background..