Make your iMac theft proof?!

Maybe you worry that someone can walk away with your fancy new iMac.

What to do? Lock it up, baby!

I was thinking about how to make my make theft proof and stumbled upon this dandy solution from Kensington, a company with a strong reputation for making quality products. If you have your computer on a nice strong desk that cannot be stolen, this is a good way to keep it safe from iMac loving purloining pachyderms. The Kensington SafeDome secure iMac lock promises many bullet points of safety:

  • Dome design complements iMac aesthetics
  • ClickSafe lock secures with just one click – no keys and no fiddling
  • Ultra cable provides the highest level of security
  • Easy to position and assemble lock
  • Sleek, modern dome design securely attaches to iMac stand
  • Built-In cable management secures iMac accessories
  • Won’t interfere with iMac adjustability