Desk Mount your iMac

I have been thinking about this, maybe it would clear up some desk space – make your iMac a little less desktop-space needy, and easier to just move out of the way. Price seems pretty reasonable for what it is, looks heavy duty enough to not worry about it falling. OWC makes sells some decent must-have things for iMac users and I think this may be one. The website makes it sound good too:

Ergonomic design allows full-range positioning of display for maximum viewing comfort and workspace utilization.

With its flexible extending and retracting neck, the NuMount Pivot lets you position and rotate your iMac, Apple Cinema Display or Thunderbolt Display* however you see fit! Eliminate the strain on your neck and eyes by positioning your display to maximize comfort by utilizing its extension and tilt motion capabilities. The NuMount Pivot can even rotate 90 degrees to a vertical portrait view, so you can spend less time scrolling and more time reading. The NuMount Pivot also saves you valuable workspace, allowing you to slide your keyboard and other accessories beneath your display when not in use, and cables from your display will be conveniently routed beneath the arm for a clutter-free desk. And the easy to install mount’s silver finish perfectly complements Apple’s anodized aluminum. With an adapter designed to work with all standard holes and included heavy-duty mounting hardware for standard desk grommets, NuMount Pivot is the complete, ready-to-use solution!