My favorite iMac accessory … Redi-shades!

This new iMac is like a mirror. You put it in your office and you can see yourself and everything behind you. There is no option to get a matte finish on an iMac, which seems silly to me but Apple does whatever it wants, and they want you to have a computer mirror. I still think the iMac is great, but its too shiny. So, my favorite thing I have bought to make my iMac-ing experience more enjoyable was a $6 room darkening redi-shade from Home Depot. It’s as simple as can be .. a dark paper accordian with an adhesive strip at the top – you just cut it to the window width and tape it at the top and voila, dark room. If the super dark black one seems too extreme, they also have a nice medium gray one that will help tone down the light.

note: this is not my office.